Blueberry Mojito Recipe With Simple Syrup

Looking for a blueberry mojito recipe? Stir, taste, and add more simple syrup if desired.

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Use the simple sugar syrup.

Blueberry mojito recipe with simple syrup. Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes and stir in blueberry vodka, lime juice and simple syrup. You'll have some mashed berries and. Fill the glass with ice cubes;

Muddle (break up) with a cocktail muddler or wooden spoon to release the mint flavour from the leaves and juice from the blueberries. Garnish with more blueberry and mint leaves, if desired. Next, add juice from half a lime and the simple syrup and muddle until everything is juiced and.

Add ice half way in the glass; A different way to upgrade you mojito. Add rum, lime juice, and ice to the shaker.

This cocktail is also known as blueberry mint. Add the white rum and blueberry syrup; In a shaker add blueberries, mint, and simple syrup.

Muddle ingredients until berries burst and mint becomes fragrant. Garnish with the remaining lime wedge and a sugar cane stick, if desired. Add blueberries and mint leaves to a tall glass;

Pour the rum over the ice, and then fill the glass with club soda. Top glass with club soda; Top off wit soda water;

Using a tall glass, muddle blueberries and torn mint leaves. Muddle with the back of a wooden spoon. Place blueberries, lime, and mint in the bottom of a tall glass and muddle.

Fill a glass halfway with ice, dump the entire contents of the shaker. Grab a short cocktail glass and add mint leaves, blueberries and lime juice. 1½ oz stoli blueberry vodka;

First, add your blueberries and mint to a tall glass or cocktail shaker. 7up or sprite, to top up; 2 tbsp fresh lime juice;

Add rum, simple syrup, and soda, and stir. Add rum, lime juice and simple syrup. Garnish with lime slice, mint and blueberries.

Then you have found the one. Add the mint leaves, rum, lime juice and mojito simple syrup. How to make the blueberry mojito:

Garnish with a mint spring, lemon peel, and fresh blueberries

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